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 Post subject: Sleep Quality
PostPosted: 05 Jan 2015, 01:14 
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I am a proponent of the idea that sleep quality is as important as sleep quantity. In some respects, it could even be seen as more important, since sleep quantity means practically nothing if there is no sleep quality. It's possible to sleep 8 hours in a barely asleep state, and you may as well have just lain there staring at the ceiling all night.

What sleep quality means is that our sleep cycles happen undisrupted, essentially, and that they evolve normally.

Therefore, I'm undertaking the following measures to try and ensure optimal sleep quality.

- No caffeine after 2pm.
Studies done using a mixture of placebos and caffeine pills across 0, 3, and 6 hours before bedtime showed that those who took caffeine 0 or 3 hours before bed experienced a compromised sleep experience. However, those who took caffeine 6 hours before bed reported no issues, but sleep monitoring tools revealed that they also in fact experienced disruption to their sleep.
This means that caffeine could be disrupting your sleep even if it isn't apparent to you.

Caffeine may prevent deeper sleep cycles, and lead to reduced overall sleep time.

To be safe(r), I will limit caffeine to before 2pm, giving around 10 hours or so for it to flush from my system.

- Blue blocking glasses.
I mentioned these before.

Blue wavelengths, present naturally in sunlight but also artificially in many electrical sources of light, particularly computer monitors, is our cue to be awake. It helps set our circadium rhythym, and suppresses melatonin production - the hormone that is naturally released at night time that makes us sleepy.

Perhaps we evolved in the presence of campfires at night, and that's why red and yellow wavelengths don't trigger this response. In any case, wearing glasses that block blue wavelengths has been shown to enable the melatonin response to occur fairly healthily, allowing one to become sleepy at the right time, and hopefully leading to deeper sleep as a result:

They usually look something like this:

- Breathing nasal strips
A lot of sleep disruption can be due to poor airway clearance, which sometimes presents as snoring. Breathing that isn't smooth or easy can sometimes lead you to briefly wake up and fall back asleep during the night, which won't be remembered in the morning. This means deep sleep is much less likely.
A simple nasal strip can help open airways and enable easier breathing. I'm trying one tonight.

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 Post subject: Re: Sleep Quality
PostPosted: 05 Jan 2015, 07:00 
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Speak of the devil! I just got a new pair of Nike frames today, semi-rimless, and I made sure they were blue ray blocking.

Now that I see this post I feel that my decision to get those frames done with blue ray blocking is most definitely justified.

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