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non-troll thread, a message of hope
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Author:  SickSadWorld [ 25 Jun 2017, 01:33 ]
Post subject:  non-troll thread, a message of hope

though i troll sometimes this thread is meant to be serious.

i want to share a message of Hope that us as incels and LOveshys may eventually find salvation.

in the early days, gays lesbians and bis were persecuted, hated, in the closet, but eventually they Found their day and permiscuity.
We, as love shys, may eventually find our day, through social acceptance and SOCIAL Awareness of our struggles and pain.

That is the message of hope I would like to say.

Author:  jeff1234 [ 25 Jun 2017, 05:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: non-troll thread, a message of hope

I feel annoyed rather than hopeful that a lot of money, effort and public attention has gone into lgbt etc issues instead of my own. If you're straight and want to live a normal life with a wife and children but happen to be love-shy, they don't care, apparently.

Author:  cerebral_barrier [ 26 Jun 2017, 17:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: non-troll thread, a message of hope

The only attention or publicity "our kind" seems to get occurs after someone says "fuck it!", does some E.R.-type routine and ends up on the news. As someone who is mentally incapable of "losing their shit", I think there has to be a better way. I don't know what it is yet but going ape shit definitely doesn't work.

With technology driving a wedge between people and ruining their social skills, there is a strong possibility that this will all sort itself out in the long run.

Reason; There are a LOT of people who have shitty social skills and I seem to meet new people at an alarming rate who seem to be LS, incel, TFL, MGTOW etc. In the short term, most young people will be miserable and have no clue why. Eventually, the vast majority of men (and some women) will end up experiencing long periods of incel. That will drive them nuts until the men decide enough is enough. There will always be a few smart ones who opt out of the game entirely but that mindset will spread as the combination of feminism with political correct nonsense rapidly removes any incentive for men to excel in life. This will consequently decrease the amount of "eligible bachelors" on the market since most women refuse to "date down"; which will in turn, further increase the rates of incel and MGTOW until we see a noticeable population decline. The government won't like that at all since, to the them, humans = tax dollars. To keep the tax money flowing, they will be forced to eliminate what is causing the population decline. ...and that means giving men a fucking break.

They'll fuck it up at first; trying "band-aid fixes" and more "feel good legislation" that only treat the symptom of our problem rather than the actual cause, but eventually these idiots won't have a choice.

Women sought to protest Trump with their day without women strike. In the end, half of them didn't even know what they were protesting about. When Immigrants tried the same thing, they too were met with lackluster results.

Could you imagine what might happen if we had a "day without men" strike? What would happen if we struck for a week? ...a month? What if dealing with women became so toxic and unproductive that all men became MGTOW? Imagine all that creativity, ingenuity and personal incentive that maintains the world just gone... Gone because men everywhere were treated so badly that they all finally grew a pair and said, "fuck this shit! I'm out!".

Author:  Odalis [ 29 Jun 2017, 15:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: non-troll thread, a message of hope

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