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Question about the Question mark guy.
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Author:  FireLord [ 08 Oct 2017, 21:53 ]
Post subject:  Question about the Question mark guy.

Penis goes into vag...thrust...??? Profit.

So that is the question mark guy, the guy with black hair who kind of looks like a betty page pinup girl.

My question is this.
If women are inherently bisexual, and they make out with other women, then why not him?

He says he has a "neanderthal brow" which needs removing. And then he showed a "photoshopped version" of what he wanted to look like after surgery, which looked like a girl.

My theory is that women are perfectionists, so even if a woman will make out with another woman, they don't want to make out with a male, if that male has any slight flaws about him at all. I think they would rather make out with another woman, than a male who somewhat looks like a woman but has male flaws.

I think women are perfectionists and flaw seekers and flaw focusers, that is they focus on your flaws, and complain about you being negative, when all they are is negative and focus on the negative.

It's like how women say they want masculine men, but view violence as a serious, serious, flaw, even though violence goes hand in hand with masculinity. Then they complain about violence, but lust for guys who dress up as thugs.

Author:  Sylva [ 09 Oct 2017, 03:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question about the Question mark guy.

Women like violence they can control by proxy. The male "flaws" they hate are the ones they can't use in their favor.

Author:  Uglyblackguy [ 11 Oct 2017, 12:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question about the Question mark guy.

Life is hell!

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