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You guys need to find peace within yourselves.
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Author:  Catapault55 [ 06 Feb 2018, 21:21 ]
Post subject:  You guys need to find peace within yourselves.

Hi guys. I'm going to try to explain my state of mind again. Sometimes I don't know why I bother ... but whatever. I'm going to try again.

I totally understand the average guy who uses this site. You've tried every type of dating advice and it didn't work out for you. You tried the normie advice. You tried the feminist advice. You tried the macho advice. None of it worked.

Normie Advice: "Just be yourself and find a woman who shares some interests with you. Also, remember to bush your fucking teeth."
Feminist Advice: "Wipe your mind clean of sexist thoughts and be born again as a respectful nodding guy!"
Macho Advice: "Be a fucking alpha male! Women like men who dominate them and shit!"

I think I have figured something out. Normie dating advice is absolutely correct.

If you try the normie method and it doesn't work, this doesn't mean that "society gives men bad advice". You probably tried your best at being a decent guy and you still failed.

If you try the normie method and you still fail, this doesn't mean that the normie method is wrong.

Look back at your dating experiences and be honest with yourself. Were you jittery during the date? Were you sweating? Were you nervous? Women can detect nervousness and they don't like it.

When a man is nervous during a date, this either means he lacks self-confidence or he is a liar. In other words, women frequently mistake under-confident men for dishonest men.

This is the real reason why you guys keep failing. It's not the advice that's wrong. It's you.

If you can't go on a date without being a nervous wreck, you need to, somehow, find peace within yourself. I've noticed that most people on this site seem to obsess over the sex that they aren't getting all the time. Branching out and exploring other interests can make you feel calmer. This is a fact. Some of the most jittery people in the world are monomaniacs. Some of the most confident people in the world are people with wandering minds.

That's why I try to inject variety into this site. You guys are killing yourselves with your hyper-focused monomania.

Maybe you also need to try medication and/or meditation. Either way, you guys need to find some source of inner peace.

*sigh* That's all I got. Maybe I should leave this site for good soon. I'm pretty close to giving up on you guys.

Author:  Fonduman [ 06 Feb 2018, 21:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: You guys need to find peace within yourselves.

Don't lecture me, Catapault. I have brought pizza - free Just Eat pizza. Just don't eat my piece!

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