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Author:  Unseen [ 17 May 2018, 02:42 ]
Post subject:  Advice, Resources for Female Love Shy

TL;DR I'm a male "recovering LS" in my 30s, I suspect that my (much younger) sister is LS, and I'm looking for advice on how I can help her.

I submitted a post years ago indicating my road to recovery, and it looks like it was deleted, so a recap: Lost my virginity in my late twenties to a prostitute, lost a shitload of weight, started dressing extremely well, did some "practice dating" with escorts and some rather large women I met online, and then entered a relationship with someone that was quite sexual. That relationship didn't last very long, but in the time since, I've had sex with several more women, and have been in additional relationships, including one I'm currently in. I haven't gone for more than four months without sex since I found my first girlfriend, and the women I sleep with keep getting thinner, prettier, and less insane.

I don't know to what extent I was "love shy" (although I was rather shy around women) and to what extent I simply had no sexual confidence, prior to tackling this problem, which was perhaps warranted, since I had no experience.

Of course, some of you are rather bitter and hate hearing stories of people who have recovered, so to those of you, I please ask that you stop reading, as I don't care what you have to say. For those of you who are interested in practical solutions, read on.

So now let me move on to my current dilemma: I suspect my sister, who is currently in her late teens, is love shy. The entire time she's been in my life, she has been without a boyfriend, at least that I or anyone in my family has heard of. She just told me today that she struggles with "social anxiety" - this is my first time hearing that from her, but it does make a lot of sense.

I actually specifically asked her the other week about dating, and if she might want to try finding a boyfriend, and she just seemed at a loss regarding how.

Just for clarification - she's in excellent physical shape, and I'd rate her a 7 or 8 our of 10 on the looks scale, and given her age, I have to imagine there are tons of guys who would be interested in her.

I am considering sharing some of my wisdom with her, but I suspect that the advice to an LS woman might be rather different to the advice an LS man should follow. So here are my main questions:

(1) Are there any LS women that post or lurk on here? I seem to remember some from back in the day.
(2) Are there any resources you'd recommend for LS women?
(3) In what ways, in general, should the problem be tackled differently for women?

And for those of you men who say that female LS people don't exist, and that all female incels are volcels, since they should just be spreading their legs for the first guy that approaches them, I kindly ask you to go to the nearest gay bar wearing a big sign that says, "Please fuck me in the ass." If you do that, and that doesn't work, then let me know.

Author:  ieatboogers [ 17 May 2018, 07:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice, Resources for Female Love Shy

Congrats on your success. Your story was probably archived, rather than deleted. There are a few women posting here, perhaps one of them can make the next post.

Author:  Laplacian [ 18 May 2018, 03:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice, Resources for Female Love Shy

I’m not a lady, but I certainly have the hips of one. For your sister in particular, it sounds like it’s more of a generalized social anxiety problem she’s dealing with than simply dating. I would recommend going to an accredited psychologist so she could get through those issues. Social anxiety is a common mental health ailment and I suspect that once that’s dealt with, the dating will come naturally.

If she’s really love-shy – she’s a regular social creature in all settings but totally freezes up when it comes to the opposite sex – then she’d probably have some luck with dating sites. If the deluge of messages is too much, pick one of those niche ones where users can only send a message a day. She could also reach out to friends, since the vast majority of relationships still form through mutual friends. If she were able to convey to her friends that she’d like to date, they’d probably be able to set her up.

Author:  Restart80 [ 23 May 2019, 14:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice, Resources for Female Love Shy

Coming in here bragging about your ascension followed with the promotion of the homosexual agenda doesn't exactly make for the best re-entrance around here.

Funny how this would never work the other way around. If you and your sister switched places, don't think for a second she would ever help you. My sisters mock me for being a (suspected) Incel.

She's in her late teens. Big deal. It will probably do her good to keep her virginity for awhile longer.

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