Love-shyness in the media, both mainstream and independent

The topics of Love-shyness and involuntary celibacy have come up in the media several times. Noted here are a few of such instances.

The London Times: "Love-shyness, the 'condition' crippling men"

Amy Turner of London's Times newspaper wrote an article on Love-shyness. While researching for her article, she engaged with forum members, and interviewed several of them. We at congratulate her hard work in getting the struggles of love-shy individuals heard!

The Daily Express: "The Hopeless Romantic"

Gareth Rubin of The Daily Express wrote an article on Love-shyness as well. A forum member is interviewed. "For many of the men the sense of social failure and emasculation is often as bad as the lack of relationship."

The Argus: "Meet the man so shy he's never even kissed a woman"

The argus has an article about Niel, a 27-year-old man who is so love-shy he's never even kissed a woman.

Steve Hoca interviews

Steve Hoca has suffered involuntary celibacy and decided to try and get the word out with some audio interviews on the web. He has interviewed several members, and several of his interviews are available on youtube. Those that are not on youtube are hosted here under permission. You can choose to either download or stream the media from a player.

Steve Hoca/Seb interview - April 4, 2009

Gilmartin speaks

Dr. Gilmartin speaks about Love-shyness and Involuntary Celibacy.


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